Simple Wine and Cheese Night

Way before we had kids, David and I went out pretty often, and even though we enjoyed a night on the town, one of our favorite date nights was staying in and doing a wine and cheese night. It’s something that is so simple and if you were to order a cheese platter at a restaurant it usually costs an average of $15 and hardly has enough food on it to satisfy one person. And a glass of wine (not on happy hour) typically starts out at about $8.

So once we had kids the going out so much came to a halt, but the wine and cheese nights didn’t have to stop. I’m not lying when I say it is genuinely one of my favorite dinnertime meals, and I’m pretty sure David would agree. It’s a great way to feel like you’re out, but way cheaper and you can pick and choose everything you want. Continue reading

I’m Still a Mom, Even Though I had a C-Section

I have reached the age, where everyone, everywhere around me is having a baby. You can’t scroll through Facebook without seeing at least two new posts about someone announcing they’re pregnant or just had their baby. And the amount of babies and kids posted on there are countless! I’m perfectly fine with that, I post multiple pics of my girls as long as I can capture a half way decent photo of them!

However, with all these new births, everyone has an opinion, from bottles to baby monitors, people literally start giving you their thoughts the second you even mention wanting to have a baby, hey i’m guilty of it too! One such opinion that really affected me personally though was the great c-section debate. Continue reading