Someday You’ll Be Me

Like many other mothers out there, I wanted to share my words of wisdom with my daughters. While the saying goes “We all turn into our mothers” I can’t say I fully agree. I honestly think the majority of every generation becomes a little better at the parenting thing. Maybe it’s because some of us tell ourselves we would never do what our parents did or some people might have had a really great example and really honed in on how to be even better. Maybe this is true, maybe it’s not, it’s not like I did any real research on the matter, it’s just my opinion. However, someday, despite what you think, if you have kids you will become me and do the following…

Someday you will sit on a couch and hold your sleeping baby.

Someday you’ll even open a bottle of wine with friends and think maybe this time you can handle more than one glass before falling asleep.

Someday you will be so tired you won’t even be able to make sense of your sentences.

Someday you will stress over the thought of whether or not you should stay home with your babies or continue to work.

Someday you will think back of your life before kids and reminisce on the days when you could just up and go.




Someday you will debate whether or not your baby looks more like you or your significant other.

Someday you’ll eat dinner so fast at a restaurant you won’t even remember eating, because you’ll have a toddler scooting under the table or into the next booth.

Someday you will debate if a minivan really is needed, or if you can continue driving just a simple car.

Someday you’ll walk out the door with baby spit up on your shoulder and may or may not notice and may or may not even care.

Someday the perfect date night will be going to bed early.

Someday a relaxing shower will consist of you sitting on the floor while your toddler sprays you in the face with water.

Someday your house will be a mess when company comes over and you’ll be okay with it.

Someday you’ll look at your friends without kids and a hint of jealousy will creep up, but then you’ll get home and see your baby and realize that you’re the lucky one.

Someday you will go in your baby’s room and stare at their ridiculously cute sleeping face and realize you love them so much it’s CRAZY.

Someday having a baby will cause you to realize that  you are a unique parent and that however you choose to raise your children is the right thing for them. It doesn’t matter if that’s how I did it, or your friends do it, you have to do it in  the way that’s right for you and your spouse.

So someday, you’ll realize that it’s not such a bad thing, being me, and that having a baby (or two, or three, or four…) is hard, it’s really hard, but it’s pretty amazing too and any loving parent has shared this same journey with you and it’s all totally worth it.

It's all worth it

It’s all worth it




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