Savoring the “Last Time”

Since I’ve had Elliot, it’s made me think back on when Emery was a baby (not like she’s not now, but you know what I mean), and all her “last times.” It’s started out as something small. I was feeding Elliot and I thought to myself, “When was the last time Emery used the boppy?” I didn’t know it at the time, but I’m sure it just happened. We went from using it constantly to probably just a few times here and there to eventually picking it up and storing it in the closet for two years, until Elliot arrived. We didn’t know that day or night when we used it that it would be our last, but it was.

Then I got to really thinking, “When was the last time Emery crawled, or stopped eating baby food, or stopped saying one word mumbo jumbo and started putting sentences together?” I was probably playing on my cell phone or rushing to clean something up and missed it. Life really does pass you by way too fast. It’s crazy when you really think about it. One day you’re doing something so routinely and eventually it comes to an end, but you’re so busy you don’t even notice it! How can that happen?

Was this the last time we used the boppy for Emery? Who knows?!

Was this the last time we used the boppy for Emery? Who knows?!

Then there’s the really deep last times. Like when my dad passed away and I think back to the last time I saw him healthy and I complained about the meal he made. If I’d known then that it was going to be the last time I really talked to him or was going to hug him, I would have devoured that meal (I probably should have anyways) and hugged him a little more tightly.

Sometimes it feels like we have so much going on that we don’t actually have time for anything, so obviously we miss things. There are some things we just will never know when the last time is going to be. We can’t stop and enjoy every single moment, but we can pause a little more often, stop to watch our kids play/eat/laugh, call/visit our family/friends, and savor the moment; because you never know when it might be the last time.


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