Yes, I am skinnier than I was two kids ago (but please don’t judge me for it)

Ok, so some of you might hate me for this post, but as I’ve said before, this is my blog, so I get to say whatever I want. 🙂

So…I am so incredibly tired of hearing about how people are in shock, disbelief, disgust, etc towards women who look thin after giving birth.

From Princess Kate to model Sarah Stage, it’s all about how unbelievable it is that they look so great after or even before giving birth! I know there are so many women that gain weight in places they never even thought possible, but realistically, there are so many women that feel just as uncomfortable at the fact that their bodies barely change at all while pregnant.

I’m speaking from experience. With my first baby I didn’t even start showing until I was seven months pregnant and overall I only gained 22 lbs the first time and 20 lbs the second time. I’m not at all complaining, I feel blessed and so lucky, but honestly I was anxiously waiting for that baby bump to show. It was something new and exciting that I had never experienced before. It’s something that not every person can do and I was proud of that baby and wanted my body to show it.

Two weeks before baby number two

Two weeks before baby number two

I did wear a belly band after both pregnancies for six weeks! The only time I took them off was when I was in the shower. I did have c-sections both times so I really did need the bands, however, I totally feel they helped me with my slim down process and I would recommend them to anybody after having a baby.

Yet again, you might hate me, but by the time I got home, both times, I weighed less than I did before I got pregnant. Maybe I was just lucky, but regardless,  society should not give me or anybody else a hard time because I don’t look like what they deem to be a standard woman after birth. Realistically, women look all kinds of ways after giving birth. Bigger, smaller, the same, who knows?! What does it matter?! I can guarantee we don’t feel the same as before. We have so many new emotions going on those first few days after giving birth, and let’s be real for basically the rest of our lives.

Yes, I’m not going to lie, I do feel blessed that I look good now, but I feel like I can say that, because growing up I was so uncomfortable with my body. It took me having two amazing little girls to realize that I have a great body and I can say with confidence that God did that so that I would be able to confidently tell them how perfect and wonderful they look and really mean it!  I’m a stronger person inside and out because of them.

This is seriously one of the only photos I have with the three of us!

This is seriously one of the only photos I have with the three of us!

I love my body and I love that I can tell my babies that I love how I look and I’m happy with my body after having them. I’m so confident, happy, and sure of myself! Something I never was before them.

So yes, while you might think there’s something wrong with the women who look “great” after giving birth, just remember, that just as much as you may not be able to help with that little extra bulge after giving birth, we can’t help that we have a “flat” stomach after giving birth. Whether you can see them or not, we’re all dealing with issues.

Flat stomach or not, be a confident and encouraging parent to everyone!

4 thoughts on “Yes, I am skinnier than I was two kids ago (but please don’t judge me for it)

  1. Love it! I lost weight right away after I had my son. It was difficult because a lot of the compliments I received seemed like they were ending just a little too early. You may know what I’m talking about. It’s that awkward way that the sentence end that implies what they said isn’t really what they mean. For example, “You look great… [but blah which I’m not going to say because it would be mean]!”

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that didn’t gain a permanent supply of fat after having a baby!

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