Six Simple Rules to Make New Parenting Easier

There are so many ideas and opinions about having babies and while the below are obviously my opinions I kept it short and simple for you. I hope this helps you calm down a little if you’re nervous about your parenting journey.

1. Three baby items you don’t need:
– You don’t need a wet wipe warmer. Sure your baby will enjoy it when you’re home, but once you go out in public and wipe them with a regular wipe, they will not be happy! Just don’t ever use it and they’ll never know the difference.

– Diaper genie that only uses certain bags. Seriously we just buy the regular diaper pail that you can put trash bags in. We only put pee diapers in there and just put the poopie diapers straight in the outside trash. No need to waste all that money on fancy bags and then your baby’s room won’t smell because it’s filled with poop diapers!

– Laundry detergents for babies only. We used one thing when our first daughter was born, once it ran out, we started using regular stuff and guess what…all three of my kids survived. Unless your child really does have sensitive skin, there is no use buying special detergents, promise!!!

Just a couple of crazy princesses

2. Do what’s right for you: Just because someone said the “cry it out” method worked for them, doesn’t mean it’ll work for your baby. Just because someone said they toughed it out and breasted for a year, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Just because someone dresses their baby to the nines everyday, doesn’t mean you’re lazy for dressing your baby in a onsie everyday! Just because someone said they didn’t need a diaper genie doesn’t mean you won’t like it 😜 You have to do what’s right for you and what works for your baby. The best decision maker for your baby is YOU!

3. Don’t be so hard on yourself: Raising kids is hard! From the time you find out your pregnant until, forever, you’re going to question if what you’re doing is right. Overall, the best thing to remember is that you’re trying and you’re doing the best you can. Kids will still get mad, you will still cry out of frustration, but in the end as long as you’re trying, your kid will be alright.

4. However your baby is born is the “right” way: So many people go in with an idea of how their baby will be born and when that doesn’t happen they feel really disappointed. You have to remember, having a baby is not like planning a party. You can’t be in charge the whole time. Things will go differently then planned and the best thing to do is roll with it.

“Are you sure this is good advice, mom?!”


5. Find a tribe: I cannot stress this enough. Finding friends who are going through the same stage of life as you is so important. You can run ideas off each other, have play dates together, or go out on much needed mom outings. Don’t be afraid to talk to them, about anything. Ideally, get some of these friends before baby is even born. This way they’ll bring you meals and help out as soon as baby is born. I found one of the best (and easiest) ways to meet these moms are by joining a bible study class. So many people in one room going through the same stuff.

6. Make time for you (and your spouse): It’s easy to get caught up in baby, but remember if you want to be the best parent you can then get a pedicure, go to the store alone, go get some coffee. Just do things that make you feel good and refreshed. And don’t forget your spouse! I love, love, love date nights! They are so important to your relationship, especially after having kids!

Date night!!!

Hopefully this will help relax and prepare you if you haven’t had a baby yet. And if you have had one already please feel free to share your ideas and if you agree/disagree with these.

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