The Mission, should you accept it…

I have officially been a stay-at-home mom for a year and three months, therefore I now consider myself a mom pro! (FYI, I hope you can hear my sarcasm)

When I was pregnant with Emery (my first child) there was no way I was goin to be a stay-at-home mom! Even before I was pregnant I knew I could never do that! Nobody could change my mind; I was a working, would be bored at home, wanted to bring in the money kind of girl.

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Yes, I am skinnier than I was two kids ago (but please don’t judge me for it)

Ok, so some of you might hate me for this post, but as I’ve said before, this is my blog, so I get to say whatever I want. 🙂

So…I am so incredibly tired of hearing about how people are in shock, disbelief, disgust, etc towards women who look thin after giving birth.

From Princess Kate to model Sarah Stage, it’s all about how unbelievable it is that they look so great after or even before giving birth! I know there are so many women that gain weight in places they never even thought possible, but realistically, there are so many women that feel just as uncomfortable at the fact that their bodies barely change at all while pregnant. Continue reading

Favorite Five

I know, I know, it’s been waaaay to long since my last blog. It’s crazy to say, but for some reason I get more inspiration when I’m working full time away from home than when I’m home with my children. Maybe it’s because when you’re with kids you really don’t have time to think of anything other than them! Haha!

I’m not at all meaning anything negative towards my children or my job being a stay-at-home mom, but for some reason I just can’t seem to get my writing juices flowing.

To help get back in the swing of things I thought I would write a simple post and obviously it is working. I’ve been writing this post off and on for over a week and three other ideas have come to me!  It’s a simple one, but I just kept getting interrupted, which is why it took a while to finish.

I thought it would be fun to write about five things that I genuinely enjoy, but you may or may not know because they’re kind of obscure fun facts! Hope you like getting to know me better!

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It’s ok to be sad

On March 16th I will officially be saying goodbye to my twenties and hello 30. I can honestly say that I’m not one of those people who is going to say “I’m so happy turning 30, because now people will listen to me,” or “I officially feel like an adult.” The truth is I’m really sad to be turning 30! 

I’m not looking for people to tell me how it’s not really that big of a deal and that age is just a number. Obviously, I know all this, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be sad for a bit. I know I’ll get over it, but it’s like my sister said, “From here on out you’re just old! No matter how old you are.” I know she was semi-kidding, but it’s so true!

Just being able to tell myself I’m twenty this or that made me feel better over the years. There’s just so much that I experienced and accomplished in my twenties. I got engaged at 21, married at 22, lost my dad at 22, had a baby at 27, and again at 29, and a heck of a lot more personal stuff in between!

And sure, there were people who probably took advantage of me thinking I was naive, and I probably was, but to tell you the truth I don’t know if I’ve really changed enough to where they won’t again. Which points to the obvious that if I feel young I can pretend I am, right?! At least for a bit, but in reality I’m not that young.

I know I’ll experience new things and different things, but no matter how I look at it, I’m still not looking forward to it. It’s ok, I’ll get over it and I do know it won’t be so bad. I hope I have so many more years to look forward to and that thirty will seem like nothing. But for now it scares me and it makes me feel old, but I guess it’s better than forty! 😉

*I’m not looking for a pity party, just my own blog to share my thoughts 

The Weight Stops Here

When I say I have had a weight issue for as long as I can remember, that is not an exaggeration. And I don’t mean with actual weight gain/loss just with how I see myself. I can remember standing in front of a mirror and obsessing over how “fat” my stomach was when I was maybe ten! That is not healthy!

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