The Harvey Heartache 

Tuesday, August 22 we were out celebrating a family birthday enjoying our empanadas, when David looks up at the TV and says, “Did you know a hurricane is coming?!” Having just gotten back from a weekend getaway with friends to Vegas and typically having three small kids with me at all times, watching the news is something I rarely do. So needless to say, I had no idea a hurricane was coming.  Continue reading

The Mission, should you accept it…

I have officially been a stay-at-home mom for a year and three months, therefore I now consider myself a mom pro! (FYI, I hope you can hear my sarcasm)

When I was pregnant with Emery (my first child) there was no way I was goin to be a stay-at-home mom! Even before I was pregnant I knew I could never do that! Nobody could change my mind; I was a working, would be bored at home, wanted to bring in the money kind of girl.

Then I had Emery… Continue reading