Six Simple Rules to Make New Parenting Easier

There are so many ideas and opinions about having babies and while the below are obviously my opinions I kept it short and simple for you. I hope this helps you calm down a little if you’re nervous about your parenting journey.

1. Three baby items you don’t need:
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Yes, I am skinnier than I was two kids ago (but please don’t judge me for it)

Ok, so some of you might hate me for this post, but as I’ve said before, this is my blog, so I get to say whatever I want. 🙂

So…I am so incredibly tired of hearing about how people are in shock, disbelief, disgust, etc towards women who look thin after giving birth.

From Princess Kate to model Sarah Stage, it’s all about how unbelievable it is that they look so great after or even before giving birth! I know there are so many women that gain weight in places they never even thought possible, but realistically, there are so many women that feel just as uncomfortable at the fact that their bodies barely change at all while pregnant. Continue reading

Someday You’ll Be Me

Like many other mothers out there, I wanted to share my words of wisdom with my daughters. While the saying goes “We all turn into our mothers” I can’t say I fully agree. I honestly think the majority of every generation becomes a little better at the parenting thing. Maybe it’s because some of us tell ourselves we would never do what our parents did or some people might have had a really great example and really honed in on how to be even better. Maybe this is true, maybe it’s not, it’s not like I did any real research on the matter, it’s just my opinion. However, someday, despite what you think, if you have kids you will become me and do the following… Continue reading

I’m Still a Mom, Even Though I had a C-Section

I have reached the age, where everyone, everywhere around me is having a baby. You can’t scroll through Facebook without seeing at least two new posts about someone announcing they’re pregnant or just had their baby. And the amount of babies and kids posted on there are countless! I’m perfectly fine with that, I post multiple pics of my girls as long as I can capture a half way decent photo of them!

However, with all these new births, everyone has an opinion, from bottles to baby monitors, people literally start giving you their thoughts the second you even mention wanting to have a baby, hey i’m guilty of it too! One such opinion that really affected me personally though was the great c-section debate. Continue reading